Proof Canada is an indie slow fashion brand designed and handmade in Ottawa, Canada. I offer simple, well made garments with a focus on ethical labour, and inclusive sizing. Each piece is cut, patterned, sewn, and shipped by me, for you! 
I design all of my garments with you in mind - all my pieces are meant to hug and snatch in all the right places while still being super comfortable for day-to-day wear!   
That's also why I have size charts based off your cup size - I noticed a lot of women have trouble finding fitted garment because they have to size up significantly to fit their bust only to have to tailor the rest of the dress. The inverse is true for smaller cup sizes as well - so I have solved for that within my size charts here at Proof! 
In 2021 I committed myself to only using biodegradable fabrics for the future of Proof. I also only use recyclable materials for my packaging, and recycle all of my fabric scraps. These are ethics I wanted to grandfather into the brand as I build it, and I hope to only expand on my sustainable practices from here. 
I am so so so in love with what I do and I'm here to serve you - that's what this brand is about! You, loving your garments and feeling comfortable in them