How do I order?


Starting March 2023 you’ll be able to place a pre-order! More info coming soon. Check back here or follow me on Instagram for updates!

What is made to order? 

Made to order means I make your garment after it's ordered. I only make what is ordered and nothing more. It's a way of slowing down the fashion industry without putting the onus solely on you, the customer. 

 What shipping method do you use?

All my items are shipped express using Canada Post. Tracking numbers will be provided. 

Is custom sized extra?

Custom sizing is complementary and encouraged.

How do I measure myself for custom sizing?

Please visit my measurements page here for a detailed breakdown on how to measure

What if my made-to-measure piece doesn’t fit?

I will never, ever leave you with a bad fit. Simply email me with the issue and I’ll address it on a case by case basis! info@proofcanada.ca

My main priority is that you get a garment you love. I take fit extremely seriously and it’s important to me you end up feeling good in my garments. I’m about 90-95% accurate but sometimes things just aren’t right or aren’t to your preference. It does happen from time to time and I’m here to make things right. 

Can I order off a size chart?

Of course! My size charts are based off your cup size and you can find them here. 

Do you do custom?

At this time I’m not accepting custom orders. 

 Are you going to make sizes over 26 available?

Yes! The rules for patterning change around a size 28 - it requires a technical education to be able to do the fit correctly. My goal is to spend time in 2023 learning to fit sizes 28-42 and bring an extended size range to Proof.