About Proof

Proof Canada is an indie slow fashion brand designed and handmade by me in Ottawa - Canada's capital city.
Growing up I was always obsessed with textiles - while the rest of my siblings were asking for toys I remember begging my mom for hand embroidered handkerchiefs and thrifted silk scarves. I would sneak into my dad's closet to admire the craftsmanship of his leather dress shoes. Then, at age 11, my mom got me a subscription to Teen Vogue and my love of fashion ignited.
It's with Proof that I hope to share my awe and admiration for quality textiles, craftsmanship, and details with anyone who comes across my designs.
I design all of my garments with you in mind - my pieces are designed to hug and snatch in all the right places while still being comfortable for day-to-day wear!  You can expect the bust and waist to be fitted while the hips are skimmed. 
Like a lot of us I have struggled with body issues and more my entire life. In 2020 due to Covid I could only use myself as a fit model (something I would  have never done before) and it was through that process I realized what a difference having made-to-measure clothing can make. It's a service I realized I *had* to provide going forward, and one I am happy to free of charge.
In 2021 I committed myself to only using biodegradable fabrics. I  only use recyclable and biodegradable materials for my packaging, and recycle all of my fabric scraps.
Everything is ethically made since it's me and me alone making your pieces! While I cannot account for 100% of my supply chain I try to support my community by shopping locally for supplies when I can. Most of my fabric is sourced from a Canadian company.  
These are ethics I wanted to grandfather into the brand as I build it, and I hope to only expand on my sustainable practices from here. 
I am so so so in love with what I do and I'm here to do it for you - that's what this brand is about! Forever pieces for your wardrobe made with love.