How to Measure

Using a soft measuring tape, start with your feet shoulder-width apart. If available use a mirror to ensure the tape stays parallel with the floor from front to back. 


Measure under your arms and around the fullest part of your bust (usually where your nipple is). If you intend on wearing a bra with your garment, measure with a bra on. If you plan on going braless, measure without a bra.

If you do not have breasts, bust shaping can be removed while maintaining the look of the garment. Please leave me a note requesting no bust shaping. 


Measure at the smallest part of your torso. If you do not have a smallest part (this is completely normal!), bend to one side and find where your body folds. This is your waist. Tape should feel snug and comfortable but not pulling or falling down. 

If you are an apple shape your smallest part may be your underbust. Please use this as your waist measurement and leave me a note indicating such. 

High Hip (Corset Tank Only):

Measure the circumference of your torso 3'' below where you measured your waist. 

Full Hip:

With legs shoulder-width apart, find the fullest point of your hips including your seat (bum).  Make sure the tape stays parallel to the floor when measuring. 

Bust to Waist:

From the side of your body, measure the distance from your nipple to the top of your waist. 

If you are AMAB, your bust-to-waist measurement may be longer due to your skeletal structure. While most AFAB individuals typically have a bust-to-waist length of 3-7'', you may find that yours is 9'' or more. I may reach out to confirm this measurement as it is often mismeasured. Simply let me know that it’s accurate and I will lengthen the torso on your garment. If you prefer to have your garment's waist sit higher than your natural waist, I suggest selecting a 5.5'' bust-to-waist and measuring that area as your waist measurement. 


Waist to Hip:

From the side of your body, measure the distance from your waist to the fullest part of your hip.