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The Corset Tank in Khaki

The Corset Tank in Khaki

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Please note the tank will come with a curved square neckline and metal hook and eye. The khaki colourway will appear more olive in artificial lighting and more golden in natural lighting. This is called metamerism and is common within the khaki colour family.


  • Lightly Compressive 
  • Princess seam detailing, square neckline with 3/8” straps 
  • Hook and eye back closure (white)
  • Adjustable Straps up to 20”
  • 30% OEKO-Tex linen, 70% viscose

Please note this is not an actual corset. There is no boning and it should feel lightly compressive but more like a second skin. The tank should feel tight as first as the fabric has a slight give to it and relaxes with wear. 

Designed to be the ultimate staple piece, the Corset Tank is perfect for layering or as a stand alone garment. Designed to be lightly compressive but still comfortable, this tank lightly stretches to fit and snatch.

Hook and eye closure at the back of the garment keeps the tension off the seams and the straps are reinforced three ways to keep you lifted all day long. 


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