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Since everything is handmade to order by me (with love) I’m only able to make so many orders a week. I was selling out really quickly and it started feeling antethical to my brand values of slow, mindful shopping. That’s where the waitlist comes in! When you sign up you’re automatically given a number which indicates your place in line. When your turn is coming up, you’ll receive an email with all the information you need. You’ll also receive a shop date - this means the website will be yours to shop the entire day! 

You can defer your shop date up to 2 times. You are more than welcome to purchase as many items as you like however I recommend choosing one of those purchases for me to start with so we can make sure the fit is perfect! Once you confirm you’re happy with the fit I’ll then make the other purchases and send them out as quickly as possible (you will get priority). Of course, this is just a suggestion and I am happy to make them all at once if you prefer!